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How ELECSA Supports You

ELECSA operates competent persons schemes with a friendly and supportive approach.  We can offer a solution for a range of technical assessment and notification needs of contractors.  Currently we operate the following schemes:

We are run by contractors for contractors  As we have a greater understanding of the sort of problems you face every day, we can provide you with the practical help and advice that you need and lets you get on with being a professional contractor.

ELECSA offers the benefits of:

  • A scheme run by contractors for contractors
  • Friendly and supportive assessors
  • Free technical advice and support
  • Straightforward and low cost job notification system
  • Flexible monthly direct debit payment option available
By joining ELECSA you will have a supportive body that helps you meet your obligations with regards to Building Regulations compliance as well as provide you with the recognition of attaining certain standards with your clients and customers.

Call us on 0333 240 7870.